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MyCleanBit turns

Disinfects, Cleans, Deodorizes!

Disinfects and destroys 99.99% of all bacterias, viruses, pathogens, including Covid19. 


Stronger and more effective than bleach, chlorine and all chemicals. 

Destroys all Viruses
and Bacterias

Effective on any type of surfaces. Destroys, cleans and protects. 


Green eco-friendly technology. Pure water and oxygen. No toxins, chemicals or residuals.

How does it work?

שלב 1 | mycleanbit | מייקליינביט
Step 1

Charge MyCleanbit with your USB charger. Initially charge for 2 hours.

שלב 2 | mycleanbit | מייקליינביט
Step 2

Twist and seperate bottom part and fill the tank with tap water.

שלב 3 | mycleanbit | מייקליינביט
Step 3

Twist back on and spray away.  
Wipe clean after 15 seconds.

About Us

The only product that utilises pure water and oxygen to produce the worlds strongest disinfectant!
  • Ideal for home, office, travel, or wherever you are.
  • Pure and green technology. 
  • Absolute cleanser and disinfectant without  chemicals and toxins. 
  • Stronger and more potent than chlorine, bleach, cleaning cloths or Alcogel. 
  • Protects our bodies from allergies to chemicals found in disinfectants. 
  • Optimal design and ease of use. 
  • All it takes is to fill the water flask and press a button.

Completely Safe: Any surfaces, Kitchen and utensils,  Furniture, Windows and walls, Toys, Plants, Door knobs and  doors, Taps and sinks, Pets, Bathrooms, Cars and much more.


Research and Certification