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How does MycleanBit work?
Once the flask is filled with tap water which is H2O, the ozone generator (using diamond cell technology, water electrolysis) draws the O from H2O and turns it into O3 (ozone). Ozone is considered an unstable molecule. The molecule does not like to stay in O3 format and wants to return to O2 (oxygen form in air) or H2O (water) as soon as possible. Therefore, when ozone water is sprayed on a surface, the ozone water begins to be active and the reaction causes the destruction of bacteria, molds and viruses. All that remains is water and oxygen only.

Does it disinfect immediately?
The disinfection starts immediately, reaching 99.99% after one minute. Disinfection always requires contact time. Chlorine disinfection or bleach at a concentration of 5000 ml requires 5-12 minutes of contact. Disinfection with alcohol also requires 2-5 minutes of hand contact time, to perform an effective operation. MyCleanBit disinfects fastest – up to a minute.

Does MyCleanBit really disinfect Corona virus and other infections? and how?
The answer is yes! MyCleanBit disinfects various pathogens and infections using the effective ozone concentration it produces.

How can water disinfect and even better than detergents with chemicals?
Using Ozone water is a completely natural way to cleanse. It is made of water (H2O,) and nothing but water. After spraying the ozone on the surface, it begins to react and turn to its natural form of water and air.

Is the water of the MyCleanBit safe for contact with the skin?
Yes. Completely safe to use

Amazing that it is more effective than bleach. How does this MyCleanBit miracle really work?
Ozone concentrations can vary depending on water quality and how it is activated. The device typically produces 2.1 ml with average water and normal operation, but can produce up to 4.1 ml if the variables are good for higher concentration. Biological disinfection activity is carried out at concentrations higher than 4.0 ml. That is, intensity and quality of the disinfection treatment obtained by MyCleanBit is as optimal as it is safe.

Has MyCleanBit passed laboratory tests?
Of course. MyCleanBit has been tested by external laboratories and has been found to be effective in disinfecting bacteria, fungi, molds, yeast and viruses under the most stringent standards, in the country and worldwide, to a high efficiency level of 99.99%. Furthermore, Ozone Water Technology has been researched and found to be highly effective in disinfecting Corona virus that causes COVID 19 disease, with an efficiency of 99.9%. MyCleanBit has certifications from the Israeli Standards Institute, the Institute for Microbiology of Food and Consumer Products, USDA, EPA, FDA and more.

Is there anything that should not be cleaned with MyCleanBit?
No. Everything can be cleaned except for water-sensitive appliances.

Is it possible to use any tap water?
Cleaning with Ozone water works with all regular tap and mineral water. The device will not work with distilled water. If the MyCleanBit device flashes red during use, it means that no ozone water coming out because of an incorrect water compound.

The water has almost no smell. I’m used to the smell of a cleaner, like bleach. How do I know it really disinfects?
Ozone has a distinct and refreshing scent that dissipates after a few seconds. Most people will recognize this odor from lightning storms, when ozone is produced naturally in the air. You can smell this scent when using MyCleanBit, but in a subtle and pleasant way. The smell of the chemicals does not indicate the quality of cleanliness, but is an old habit that has been instilled in us for a long time. From the time when bleach was worth cleaning with, while today the smell of bleach is compared to poison and a chemical that has no place in the house. MyCleanBit has been tested and proven to be highly effective for disinfection over previously used chemicals. It enables the removal of stains, smells, it neutralizes odors and the development of polluting biofilms. Bacterial disinfection cannot be seen, but it will be possible to see over time the effect of the new biological security – health, less infections, less worries.

They say Ozone Gas is harmful! So how is MyCleanBit safe to use?
MyCleanBit creates ozone-enriched water, not gas. With MyCleanBit, the O3 is enriched with water, not air. The unique diamond cell technology works on water only, without generating gas. When ozone water is sprayed on a surface, it turns back into normal H2O water and oxygen in O2 air. The Ozone water not dangerous to use at all.

How long can I use MyCleanBit? Is there an expiration date?
The device has no expiration date. It was built to last for many years, mainly its core which contains the diamond technology and causes this efficient process to take place. Just fill up with cold water and press the power button!

Is there a warranty on the device?
Yes. There is a one-year warranty on the device, in accordance with the conditions that appear on the packaging in the User Manual.