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About Us

CleanBit is Israel’s leading virus and bacterial decontamination (including Covid19) company, providing technological environmental solutions for the decontamination and eradication of covid, viruses and pathogens on all surfaces.

CleanBit specializes in advanced technologies and provides disinfectants and green disinfecting and cleaning solutions (including Corona COVID-19) for hospitals, government institutions, businesses and private sectors.

With twenty years of experience and a recognition of the urgent need to find applicable technologies and solutions to deal with viruses, infections and biological hazards, the company is Israel’s frontline Covid-19 surface decontamination solution provider while never compromising natural ingredients and eco-friendly quality of life.

As part of our commitment to health and quality of living via eradication of environmental pollutants and products containing toxic chemicals, CleanBit sources and develops technologies and products for our everyday home use, including MYCLEANBIT Diamond Cell technology, which turns plain water in to natures strongest natural disinfectant.

We are committed to continue developing safe and clean environment cutting edge eco-friendly technologies for the benefit of all individuals, households and institutions.